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An Independence Day message from Krishnan Suthanthiran, the President of the New Independent Party — PROUD AMERICAN™

A New Star is born in the United States of America - PROUD AMERICAN™, a new Independent Party

Wishing you a very happy and safe July 4th holiday. Enjoy the beauty and the bountiful opportunities our great country offers. Life is a gift.

"Life is a gift from our parents. We are born to live, enjoy and cherish our gift. We can look at every opportunity as an obstacle, or every obstacle as an opportunity. Who we are, what we are, and where we are, have a lot to do with the choices we have made and the ones we did not. Our career and service to the community are the outcome of what we do with our gift."

- Krishnan Suthanthiran, President,

Does America need a new Independent Party?

The Republicans say that the Democrats are bad; the Democrats say that the Republicans are bad. They are both telling the truth. They both follow the Theory of Relative Equilibrium — TORE. This is CC = FF = PIGS + TI. CC is Campaign Contributions, FF is Friendly Favors, PIGS is Price Increase in Goods & Services and TI is Tax Increases.

In our country, only 20% of all Americans identify themselves as Republicans, and 25-30% as Democrats. The vast majority are Centrists and Independents, and they have no fixed party affiliation. They often sit out the elections or vote for either the
Republican or Democratic Candidates.  In the 2012 General
Election, only 60% of the Electorate voted, and President Obama got 51% of those votes. In essence, he got only 30% of the Electorate votes.

Why did past attempts by the Independent Party fail?

In the past, candidates showed up for an election, and there was never a party with a full platform, philosophy or goals, functioning more as a nuisance to one or the other candidates and without a purpose.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement focused and tried to warn us of the dangers of continued Financial Terrorism of the 21st Century, but could not receive enough support, since the same financial institutions and bankers are the ones bankrolling the campaigns of Republicans and Democrats. And, it was a movement and not a party!

The Tea Party Movement started with the goal of creating a more efficient government and to balance the budget and neutralize the trade deficit. However, they too often aligned with the wrong candidates, and the Republican Party used them for their own purposes, and was distracted from the main purpose of their movement. This too is an ongoing movement, but not a political party with a platform.

The Libertarian Party has some great ideas for the country, but they aligned themselves with the Republican Party, which simply suppressed their aspirations and viewpoints and ignore their existence.

Can a new Independent Party succeed against the two established parties; the Democratic and the Republican Parties?

The US government is the biggest clunker we have and we should trade it for a more efficient government. To manage a country well, there is a need for the six E's and two S's to be managed effectively. These are Economy, Education, Elderly, Employment, Energy, Environment, Security and Stupidity of the Government. In the weeks and months ahead, the goal is to present this party's plan for making America the greatest nation again in the Global Economy, and making the U.S. military stronger and more efficient during this decade, and fixing our budget and trade deficit. The plan is to make a series of movies and use social media to communicate this message to our fellow Americans.

The plan is to:

  1. Reach out to all Centrists who are Independents.
  2. There is a possibility that 30 to 40% of Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians, may be inclined to join a New Independent Party, having Centrist Views, since the two parties tend to promote and represent the extreme views.
  3. Will spend the next four years in building the party, its base, and platform while actively engaging in the debate of the national agenda, and promote policies that put America first and foremost in our Domestic and Foreign Policies.
  4. Will not have a candidate for election at least until 2024 or until the party has built a strong base to constructively engage in regional and/or national elections.
  5. Will engage social media and produce movies to promote the views of the party for building a strong and viable National Independent Party.

The mistakes of the past must be corrected in order to build a better future for our fellow Americans of all ages, as well as fellow citizens of the world. This will make America the greatest nation on earth in this decade and beyond, both economically and militarily. A strong America will provide a pillar of strength against tyranny, racism, and disgraceful treatment of women. It will also create a more peaceful planet, by reducing terrorist threats and violence against humanity. The NEW Independent Party's Name is PROUD AMERICAN, for the people, by the people.

Thank you for reading this. Please spread the good news and be kind and courteous to all our fellow citizens of the world.

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Krishnan Suthanthiran
President, Proud American Party

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